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Default Re: Animal Abuse

Originally Posted by Prestine View Post
The dogs at the following 2 houses are on short leash all the time, 24/7. The houses are without extended roof shades and the poor dogs get wet when it rains and hot in the afternoon. They totally have no freedom to move around. Horrible owners and karma awaits them. So sad and sickening. Reports have been made to DVS few days ago, but still don't see any actions yet.

No 23 Jalan 19/26 46300 PJ and No 16310 Jalan 17/26 46400 PJ.

Malaysia enforcement team needs to take action against these owners.
Prestine, good job reporting this to DVS! You might also consider reporting it to SPCA Selangor. See their "Report an animal in distress" link on their contact page:

Although SPCA's animal welfare inspectors don't have enforcement authority, they can investigate the situation, advise the owner on what changes need to happen, follow up, and then forward the case to DVS if necessary.

With both SPCA and DVS, I imagine the speed of their response will depend upon their current case load, but it's worth giving SPCA a try as well. Good luck, and let's hope these dogs get some help!
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