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Old 03-19-2013, 03:22 PM
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Default A'sta Katz, a very bitter experience

Just want to share my experience with A'sta Katz (Jalan Suakasih 1/2, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras near AEON Cheras Selatan). I don't know much about the clinic / pet shop but i do know they only accept cat.

Last night, me, my mom and brother went to this clinic to seek treatment for our kitten which has infection on both eyes. From the very beginning i could sense we are not welcomed. Straight away the premise operator or owner (i presume) accused me of putting eye-mo on the kitten's eyes, also made couple of double entendre remarks implying me of mistreating the cat and fail as a cat owner. He suggested me to buy a RM45 medication, but at the same time keep reminding me it's very expensive. I knew he was looking down at me all night long, as if i'm broke or something.

I argue with him saying it wasn't eye-mo, in fact it was an eye medicine (forgive me, i'm not sure the name of the medication i'm not really a pro) that i bought from some other pet clinic. He cut me mid sentence and straight away went back muttering in BM "awak main-main, saya sibuk. Saya tahu ubat kucing macam mana", left us alone at the counter. In reality i was looking to ask whether the medicine i bought before is the same as the one he was recommending me since the price is about the same. Then, one of his employee came to attend us but the damage has been done, there's no way i'm gonna spend even one cent at the premise. After a while the owner came back and my mother made her feeling very clear. My mom ask him he should be polite when talking to customer, but he hit back with another lines of sarcasm. Refusing to treat our cat, saying the cat should be okay after 4 days. He clearly want us to be gone. In the end we walked away without getting anything, just a big waste of time.

To summarize:
1) From the very beginning, the owner look down on us. Thinking we couldn't afford to pay for his service.
2) He also looking down on me and my cat. Since my cat is not coming from expensive and exotic breed. In fact, she's just a stray cat.
3) Accusing me of mistreating the cat. Well, who are you to talk to a customer like that?
4) Very ego. You can't argue without him raising his voice. Not to mention he did a shameless plug about his achievement with his cats all over the world. "Ini juga kucing jalanan", comparing his make over cats with mine.
5) Rude. Raising his voice toward me is bad enough, but clearly he has some personality complex. Not ashame to scold my mother who's more senior than him.
6) Did not want us to be there and want us gone as soon as possible since the beginning. I could tell based on his tone, sarcastic replies and body language.
7) Very picky. You can only do business with him on his terms and his time.

Maybe he had bad day, but why vent at us? I tried to be diplomatic and polite as i can, even though my heart was burning with anger. Anyway i'm sure he's that kind of person since he already showed signs of a very egomaniac guy during my mom and brother last visit 2 years ago.

If you want to succeed and survive in your life, especially when doing business, this is not the way to treat your potential customer. Unfortunately, he fail to realize he actually just a small-time entrepreneur doing business in niche market. I'm pretty convinced he also violate our consumer's rights. Thus, i won't hesitate to lodge complaints toward multiple authorities and continue to spread this "very bitter" experience.
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Old 04-05-2013, 03:27 PM
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Default Re: A'sta Katz, a very bitter experience

i had few bad experiences during my visits at this shop as well. during the time when they only sold RC brands, i went there n enquire abt RC babycat coz my kit was only 2m.o. They didnt hav stock of Babycat n told me to buy Kitten 36 instead. I said i preferred to hv Babycat n he immediately went to the back of the shop n didnt come back. So i was left there, alone for like 10 mins then i left

2nd incident: i think he remembered me from 1st encounter so he didnt layan me or greet me at all until i told him i wanted to buy that litter sand, only then he smiled at me.

3rd incident: we went to to shop. bad timing. something wrong wt the PC n the owner simply smacked the counter top n monitor. we were like "OMG, right in front of his customers??" We left immediately.

4th & final: I went there looking for pet's own milk but they only had the powdered ones. they told me cats dont need to drink milk n i told them i just found an abandoned newborn kitty. You know what they said "Ala, kucing biasa ni tak payah kasi susu la, kasi air kosong cukup" Oh my, its my money so ikut suka i la nak kasi ape. Susu ke air zamzam ke watermelon juice ke.

Eventhough this petshop (it's not a clinic) is very near to my place (convenience) I rather travel all the way to Pandan Indah/Pantai Dalam to get my kitty supplies. I don't mind if the prices are not the lowest in town but pls, Customer Service is very important. I know some people have better experiences visiting this petshop but why perlu pilih bulu time layan customer? Frequent/loyal customers layan baik, new customers layan buruk. Definitely not a good business etiquette.
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Old 04-06-2013, 04:20 PM
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Default Re: A'sta Katz, a very bitter experience

I agree, i don't like he just turn his back and went to the back of the shop. Very rude. Not forgetting his smug tone and wordings.

So i'm not the only one who was snubbed by him? Indeed he's very picky when it comes to the breeds. I read couple of positive reviews about his service, but mostly from exotic, expensive breeds' owner.

Honestly i never met any salesperson like him before. Snubbed and scolded your customer? Afraid that was a big mistake.

I will continue spread the words, maybe it isn't much and likely have no effect but never look down on the power of consumer's feedback. For an entrepreneur any bad rep is a nightmare.
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