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Old 01-27-2010, 03:08 PM
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Default "Power Balance" and "Magic Mist" - Getting Hot and Famous across the dogs world !!!

1) The Collagen - Power balance (Supplement, powder)

Power Balance : The Elixir of Life, has the main effect of the ability to maintain and attract moisture to the cells thereby promoting cells renewal. Main ingredients includes Collagen, Ginseng, Tochu Leaf, Oyster Shell, Salmon DNA Extract, Shark Fin and many other vitamins.
Collagen is needed in protein synthesis in the animal's body. Protein is needed to promote muscular development, kin and coat conditions, functionality of internal organs, blood vessels and joint tendons. Collagen thus acts like an intercellular support. In order to effectively carry oxygen and nutrition in the cell, the function of the collagen is most important. "The Power Balance" activates the renewal of this much needed systemic collagen with its patented formula.
As the body's natural collagen decreases sharply with tage, The Power Balance is the elixir of life. Power Balance promotes the healthy internal organs, the strong muscular quality and tone, beautiful and lustrous skin and coat, and strong flexible joint tendons.
Japan researches have shown that with the use of "The Power Balance" there was an improvement of at least 33% in coat, skin, muscle tone and improved joint conditions. The animals become more stress-free and this product also has anti aging properties. Its best use for pregnant bitches, senior dogs, puppies and show dogs.

- A premium quality multivitamin contains of Collagen
- Power Balance is a healing medicine good for animal after operation, speed recovering from damage.
- Build better bone structure, tendon ,fine muscle and Body balance
- For healthy internal organs & supports joint trouble and improve movements.
- Proven solving most of the leg problem like "East West" etc.
- For beautiful skin & coat conditions, especially for show dog.
- For stress-free, anti-aging, mind & body refreshing which make the dog perform more stable in the show ring.
- The work of liver & kidney is helped
- Good for pregnant bitch, help to develop better health and better quality puppy in term of bone, structure.

BEST USED “Pregnant Bitch, Puppy, Senior Dog, Show Dog and Dogs in recovering"

Collagen, Tochu Leaf-Ginseng Extract, Shark Fin Extract (Condroitin) , Salmon Albino Extract(DNA), Raffinose, Glucosamine, Shyanpimion Extract, Oyster Shell Powder, Milpa Peptid, Arginin, Vitamin(A1,B1,B6,B12,C,E) naiocin,
Pantotenic Acid, Folic Acid

Patent Acquisition :
United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Australia, Italy, France, Canada, Germany and Japan.


2)Magic Mist (super purified water with high alkaline ions)

Magic Mist is made from super purified water. In a patented process (patent #3522100), this water is infused with high alkaline ions. Magic Mist is an extremely effective disinfectant and can penetrate the skin 107 times better than plain water. Magic Mist penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates collagen production. Its safety and effectiveness have been recognized by the Japanese Pharmaceutical Association.

Magic Mist has a pH of 12 (strong alkali) and contains highly concentrated hydrogen ions. When Magic Mist comes into contact with your dog’s coat or skin, it reacts with the oxygen there and changes to pH 5.6 (weak acid). Hydrogen ions have gained wide recognition for their ability to prevent oxidation, aging, and decay. Magic Mist is a highly effective disinfectant, deodorant and stain remover. Of course, no preservatives, colorings or other chemical additives are used.

Skin Care :
Magic Mist is a potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent, perfect for use on ears, skin folds and feet. It helps prevent dry skin and allergies. The hydrogen ions penetrate the skin and help increase the production of elastin and collagen and improve cell turn over. Magic Mist is an emulsifier and removes oil and debris from pores and keeps them clean.

Coat Care :
Using Magic Mist when brushing or blow-drying gets rid of static electricity and gives the coat great shine and a good hand. It smoothes the cuticles and protects the coat from damage. Magic Mist penetrates the hair shaft and controls even hard-to-control hair. Used as a finishing spray, you can get the results that you want from any breed from Terriers to Poodles to Maltese.

Shampoo :
Add a little Magic Mist to your dog’s shampoo to emulsify the oil in the coat and remove stains.
Just 5cc for small dogs, 7cc for medium dogs and 10 cc for large dogs will make a difference you can see from the first washing!
Spray a little on the coat and stains will be even easier to get out and you’ll need less shampoo.

Conditioner :
Magic Mist will increase the effectiveness of your conditioner as well.
Add 5 cc for small dogs, 7 cc for medium dogs or 10 cc for large dogs and see how well your conditioner can really work.
Remember that you will need to use less conditioner - especially before a show!
Ingredients :
100% High concentration alkaline hydrogen ion water.

- can penetrate the skin 107 times better than plain water.
- penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates collagen production
- To make almost all substances, whether organic or inorganic in Nature dissolves or ionizes.
- Gets rid of yellowing in white coat
- prevents fungus
- Deodorization effect
- Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent, perfect for use on ears, skin folds and feet.
- prevent dry skin and allergies
- It smoothens the cuticles and protects the coat from damage.
- make better coat for show dog.

- Don’t you believe? Spray the magic Mist inside your dog’s ear , all the bad smell gone immediately.


For your information, the above products created by Queen Bless selection and the owner is the famous JAPAN Top Winner and well known Judge Mrs. Chie Ejima

Some Information about Mrs. Chie Ejima

- FCI All breed Judge
- Produce Papillon 600 titles in the world
- 5 times No# 1 Ranking in USA
- 2 times No# 1 Raining in Australia
- Group 1st at Crufts 2009
- BOB at Crufts 2008
- BOB at Westminster 2008, 2007, 2001
- 4 BISS Papillon Club of America National Speciality Show

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Default Re: "Power Balance" and "Magic Mist" - Getting Hot and Famous across the dogs world !!!


"Kit - Chihuahua Owner - KL/Penang"

After using PB for 1 month, the rear legs problem (cow hook)getting better and stronger and now almost back to normal,
his coat is getting shinning and look absolutely healthy, it's Amazing

朋友的吉娃娃后腿先天性的歪曲,就连兽医都说需要开刀不然就只能吃着钙质或关节药来减轻年老时候关节的疼痛 ~
我就介绍了她power balance,一个月后她mms这些照片给我看!原本歪曲的后腿变直了!而且毛发也变得更有光泽!^^

"Alison -Maltese Owner / Homeapet member"

Before feeding Power Balance (Photo Taken 23 oct)

After Feeding Power Balance (Photo taken 12 Dec)

- I would like to share my experience after feeding power balance to one of my Maltese call Zeus. When I got Zeus that time, he was so tiny and slim, due to his size is slightly taller and with tiny leg, I noticed his legs is not strong enough to support his body weight, the way he walk show unbalance and even he cant stand firmly. After 1 months + feeding with power balance, I can feel that muscle on his 4 legs getting solid, his movement getting more solid and smooth compare to last time , his weight is gaining as well as the coat is getting fast growing and shinning, its look more with healthy coat and overall balance dog. Wow...He can even stand firmly like now. when Zeus step on my leg, I can feel the weight and pressure, sometime even can feel pain where this will never happened before he take any Power balance. I would like to sincere Thank you to Power balance.

"Samuel (Sepang) - New Show Exhibitor for Golden "
- My ChowChow was fall down few months ago, and one of her leg Join damage as she walks by using 3 legs, I had consulted so many Vet, most of them they give me some supplement like Glucosamine , but it doesn’t help at all. I start to using Power Balance as recommend by Ricjo Kennel.
This product is AMAZING!!! It's hard believe until I see it by myself...I feed PB after 2 days....My dog starting to use 4 legs....Oh My God !!!! It's Unbelievable !!!! After that I keep feeding PB and I can see his leg getting better and better, the leg getting stronger and stronger!!!
I would like to say Million of thank you to this product and of course Ricjo Kennel who introduce this product to me.

"Felicia - Top Beagle Breeder"
-I've been feeding 2 of my show beagles with Power Balance, I can see significant results on their coats, it become very shiny & nice. I also see results of their muscles tone especially on my male boy he has more muscles tone now . And I can see when they move more freely, you can see they have better reach and drive than before. Magic mist works very well on princess too all the stains around her joint area are fading off bit by bit now

"Malaysia Top Cavalier Breeder"
- I feed Power balance to my 9 months old pup, I can see significant result especially their muscles build up become more solid. I can strongly feel that when touch the hindquarters , its getting harder and Solid.

"Cynthia - Pets Lover - Senior Recruitment Consultant"
-My bitch after delivered puppy got badly uterus infection, getting lose weight and lost appetite. After recommend by one of my dog friend, I try to feed Power balance with 2 Sachets per day… It's amazing, after 2nd day, the bitch getting active and starting to have a lot of appetizer, I continuous to feed for a week , my bitch gain the weight and back to normal, she is active like normal and with a lot of milk. I find out this product is amazing as it can faster healing. Thanks for the Power Balance!!

"Eric - Top Bull Dog Breeder from Melaka"
- You can believe most of the time my bulldog puppy cant even stand firmly as their leg are weak where unable to support thier body weight, after I feed my puppy with Power Balace...it's amazing.....My puppy can stand firmly..It's was so impressive that the Power balance able to built up the muscular and tone of my puppy, I can see the huge different before and after feeding Power Balance.

"Ivy - Pet Noble Uptown"
-One of my poodle puppy has bad skin conditioner, I'm using Magic mist for 1st day, the spot skin become dried for next day, I continuous use Magic Mist and Power Balance where can reproduce new cell , after couple of days, I can see the skin getting back to normal pink color, and I can see some minor coat starting to grow. it's is AMAZING Product!!!!

"Soon - Pekingese Breeder from Melaka"
- After dog show, I mix some Magic Mist together with Shampoo and conditioner, it's amazing, It can save my 1x time as it can help me faster blowing the coat until dry, and the coat still look very very clean, the reason I say so because my Peke is parti color, after washing, I can see the color obviously clear where It has never been happened to any product that I used before. Beside that, the coat look shining, soft,a lot of t volume and in good conditioning, I like this product very much as ITS AMAZING!!!

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Default Re: "Power Balance" and "Magic Mist" - Getting Hot and Famous across the dogs world !!!

Please visit
for more details !!!
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Default Re: "Power Balance" and "Magic Mist" - Getting Hot and Famous across the dogs world !!!

Premium Coat Dryer - Ozone & Negative

Ozone and Negative Ion Dryer

- Disinfects and Deodorizes
- Repairs and Protects Cuticles
- Reduces Shedding

*** Used on Top Show Dogs Around the World

Why low concentration Ozone?
- Ozone is a strong disinfectant and deodorizer, but high concentrations of ozone can be damaging. Premium Coat produces safe and beneficial low concentrations of ozone for premium effectiveness.

Why Negative Ions?
- Using Negative Ions together with low concentration Ozone gives you an amazing ten times the disinfecting power of Ozone alone.

How does Premium Coat effect hair cuticles?
- Cuticles are damaged by the environment, too much processing and just time. Damaged cuticles cause your dog’s coat to look dull and feel harsh. Premium Coat’s Ozone and Negative Ions repair the damage and restore that healthy, winning shine to your champion!

How does Premium Coat help stop shedding?
- It’s a well-known fact that bacteria and fungus on the skin are one cause of dandruf. Did you know that these same bacteria and fungus cause premature and excess shedding? Premium Coat delivers a double punch with the disinfecting power of Ozone and the oxidizing power of Negative Ions. Skin condition is improved and itching and inflammation decreased. This treatment is highly recommended for dogs with dandru and other skin conditions.

Breeze setting
- Premium Dryer has a unique Breeze setting. On this setting, the Premium dryer can be
used as an air cleaner. The Ozone and Negative Ion double punch will leave your home or office clean and fresh. Keeping the environment clean will increase the effectiveness of coat treatments and your dog will have an even healthier, shinier coat.
Even dogs that have conditions that prevent you from shampooing them can benefit
from Premium Dryer. Gently brush the dog while using the Breeze setting and your dog’s
coat will be disinfected and deodorized, helping to reduce itching.

Product Specifications
Voltage: AC100V 50/60Hz
Watts: 1200W (High); 600W (Low)
Made in Japan


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Default Re: "Power Balance" and "Magic Mist" - Getting Hot and Famous across the dogs world !!!

Micro Bubble shower head

- Micro bubble is air bubble with less than 50um in diameter as its developmental time and it is extremely smaller bubble as compared to normal bubble. As it is extremely small in size, it will absorb micro dirt and float to the surface. For this capability, it is applied to clean aquatic products or improve water quality as well. The shower head itself can reduce harmful materials such as chlorine contained in the water. Furthermore, ceramic balls are built into the product which reduces residual chlorine.

- As you can get appropriate washing effect without using soar or shampoo, it does not constrain the skin. As micro bubble is the air bubble of smaller size than pore, it will remove the dirt gently and thoroughly at the deep down of pore as well as the dirt and unwanted residue (i.e. Shampoo, gel, spray. etc) around the surface.

- Micro bubble will help water to penetrate into the skin, keeping the coat and skin moisturized

- Small vibration, which is produced as micro bubble fades one after another, will activate skin metabolism and it is expected to bring Rejuvenation effect.

- No matter what type of coat your dog has (Even the water resistant coat type); the Micro bubble will easily penetrates until it reaches the skin pore, making bathing time easy, healthy and fast
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Default Re: "Power Balance" and "Magic Mist" - Getting Hot and Famous across the dogs world !!!

Premium quality Pin Brush and Comb

- Easy & Fast Brushing
- Made From Durable Material
- Anti-static pins & Teeth
- Rush Resistant Material
- Penetrate Without Tearing

PREMIUM PIN BRUSH & COMB are specially designed for getting maximum result in brushing your dog's coat. Especially recommended for finer, more fragile coats, or just when every hair counts, rustproof, anti-static pins penetrate deeper without tearing the coat.

PREMIUM PIN BRUSH can go through the deepest layer of the coat. Durable, lightweight body and balanced handle. The pins can be used on delicate, fragile coats. Ultra flexible cushion with rubberized backing keeps pins from pushing into cushion, producing a finer brush stroke. It also can reduce brushing time by 50 percent! Designed specifically for medium to long coats, whether single or double-coated.

PREMIUM COMB removes the dead coat without taking the healthy coat away, also designed for making straight coat easier. It has solid brass core with round core top to reduce friction and eliminate unnecessary breakage. Exceptionally smooth teeth glide through the coat. Teeth are spaced 3mm on one half, and 1.5mm on the other half..

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