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Exclamation Six Things to Know Before Training Your Dog- Ray Coleiro

In order to train your dog perfectly, you need to know him well ' his needs, behavior, as well as moods. If you comprehend clearly the 'world' of the Dog you will be able to train him perfectly --draw on his strengths and work on his weaknesses.

As you know, dogs including have descended from animals that lived in packs and their everyday instincts are based on that social structure. You need to learn about these inborn behavioral trends so you can use this knowledge to train your dog.

'Dominance and Hierarchy

Most dogs respond well to leadership or in the absence of a good leader, they will try and be the leader. In packs it is the leader or Alpha who decides on the actions of the family/group. Such as who will eat first, where to go, what to do, and so
on. So, in the 'home' in our domesticated lives, the pack for your dog is you and your family. In order for life to be smooth you must assume the role of alpha.
So, if your dog is leading you on a merry dance, guess who the boss is' And, with your dog you need to establish your position and earn their respect if you want to successfully train them. Being alpha will enable you, to control your dog and instill good behavior. If you oscillate in your behavior or contantly change your position in your pack, ie sometimes the boss, while at other times your'e the slave, your dog will become very confused, and behave accordingly.


This is a behavior that is deeply ingrained in the dog. In packs, animals establish territories and defend them with zeal.

This instinct is what makes your dog snappy and nippy. Any person, animal, or child that is seen as a threat is nipped. Always keep a watchful eye.

'Food Protection:

Many animals, will guard food. And when they feel any threat they will bark/bite. This is not to be encouraged. Food training is a must.

'Running away:

Many animals run away from danger. You may find that your dog also takes flight. Make him feel safe, protect him from the 'demons,' help him overcome his fears. If you train your dog to be obedient you will not have to worry about 'running away' he will happily, maintain a 'sit' or 'stay.'

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Since dogs live in packs in the wild they are never alone /lonely. Similarly, your dog cannot be left alone for long hours'he will become bored, unhappy, depressed, and chew things or trail toilet paper all over the house or bring the sheets down or
tumble the wash --- anything that will draw your attention.


Animals in the wild communicate using different sounds. So barking is the way your dog communicates with you. Beware, some dogs are incessant barkers and could become a nuisance. You must teach 'stop' or 'no bark.'

So, if you understand 'why' then you can do the needful.

Formulating a learning plan

Today there are tests that can be done that evaluate accurately the willingness of a dog to learn.

The test indicates:

'The dog's ability to accept domination.
'The dog's response to unfamiliar noise.
'The curiosity present.
'The dog's fear level.
'The ability to fetch/retrieve.
'Stamina and motivation level.

The evaluation will help you in the learning plan that you formulate for your dog.

Whether you are a first time dog owner or a seasoned veteran, your learning never stops as far as it comes to training your dog. Each and every dog presents different training challenges, and the more equipped you are to handle these training issues
the more likely you are to prevent any permanent and long term future behavioral problems.

If you are serious about your dog, and want the very best for her/him, then you owe it to your best friend.
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