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Old 04-16-2009, 02:37 PM
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Default Re: My mini schnauzer

Originally Posted by daphne1985 View Post
Wee Ting do u try using my way to improve ur Baby Schnauzer? How's result? Do u see my replied? Anyway how long u are away frm town? For me, I dont suggest u to board ur puppy that less than 3 vaccination, u noe why, coz the pet shop, pet hotel or pet boarding center that everyday got so many dog in and out..ppl in and out, who noe which puppy or doggy got disease or virus, if u make ur puppy stay there after she happen anything wrong who are u going to blame? The pet shop? Boarding Center? u cant even blame them..SO PLEASE DONT DO THAT TO HER...VERY DANGEROUS.. The boarding center that u call is a nice person coz they did not accept ur business luckily...

I'm so happy to help u but i cant coz i have a puppy last time die bcoz of PARVOVIRUS, I dont noe my house still got that virus or not..

The vet told me my ex-puppy got parvovirus is bcoz I send him to pet salon and he is only done 1 vaccine (2months) same age with ur puppy. Therefore,i should not did that, he probably get the virus frm the pet salon center.

I just hope u can be aware of this..I dont hope a same thing happen to u..
thanks for your feedback. end up i send my heidi to my sister's house. but her in law does not really like it..sob sob..really thanks for the info and your concern about it.....
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Old 04-16-2009, 02:40 PM
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Default Re: My mini schnauzer

Originally Posted by mew mew View Post
weetingtan, yep... the canned fish tuna that we eat (remember must be water based)....put the tuna water mix with water. It smells so good and delicious that Heidi will slurp the water. heheheh. Let me know how is the training.

i do not have the chance of using your method. i gave her very little of honey. when she start to drink, for one day. i replace it with water..then im glad she know and interested to drink. now drinking water is no longer an issue to me..but just that..she is now still not toilet train. sometime, she just do not wan to pee and poo until she is out from the kennel...what i did, it i let her come out to play for a while, and i saw she is about to do her business, i put her back to the kennel where she is suppose to pee and poo....
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Old 04-18-2009, 12:12 PM
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Default Re: My mini schnauzer

Originally Posted by weetingtan View Post
Dear Mew Mew,

I really hope that my Heidi will do the pee-poo well in the same place because I cannot manage to let to be at outside. She is too young and I felt not safe. I have a few question, my Heidi do not know how to drink. Everytime she drink, i think the water is going into her nose. Any tips for that? ANother thing is today she do the BIG business 3 times. Does that mean she got dyrea?

Please advice.
dogs normally will give you some signals before they actually wanted to pee pee or poo poo... just bring your dog the the place that you want her to pee pee or poo poo... she will then learn after a couple of times.. if she forget where to pee or poo and did it at a wrong place... you must immediately tell her, NO on the spot... normally dogs will tends to pee and poo after their meals... but it depends on their routine... some dogs tends to give signals by walking in a circle... have fun during the training... ^^
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