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Old 08-05-2009, 03:36 PM
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Default Jaundice in Cats...

Uwaaa... sedeynye... my cat kene Jaundice... Started last week actually... i da rase badan dia cam panas je... mgkn demam... so bg antibiotics... but lepas tu mule x selera mkn... last saturday muka dia trus pucat kaler kuning.. i tak sedap hati... mmg every weekend i bwk dia stroll kt park... so i tot maybe bwk dia menghirup udara segar dulu n tgk lps tu... tp dlm keta dia dok on my lap jek... mase kt park tu nmpk cm ok.. walk2.. tgk birds... tp mase blk muke still kuning... i trus bwk g vet.. sib baik vet bukak till 9.30pm.. and vet kate dia kene jaundice... infection kt liver.. trus bg 2 injections and ubat2an lain... vet soh i bg dia goat's milk and glucose... dat nite gak i cr susu kambing and trus bg dia gune syringe... dia tdo n lepak je... next day (sun) lgsg tanak mkn... bg ubt and susu kambing lg... da pukul 11pm cam tu br meowing nk makn... i lega betol bile dia da nk mkn... after 2 days b4 bwk g vet lg 4 follow up liver injection, i tgk idung dia da mule kaler pink blk... vet pon kate dia ni mmg kuat smgt nk idup... leganya bile Mok da recover... so skg ni every morning he'll start e day with goat's milk... sukenye tgk dia jilat sendr susu tu x pyh pakai syringe lg.... syukran....
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Old 08-05-2009, 03:41 PM
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Default Re: Jaundice in Cats...

kucing pun bleh kena jaundice?
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