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Default Best Dog Food for Sensitive Dogs!

It's the only thing i've been able to get my dog to keep down. She's 10 and has a very sensitive stomach and several health problems, and the only dog food i can firmly recommend through all of this is Eukanuba. More info on it can be found on why it's so great for sensitive dogs by clicking the link, but I just really wanted to get this information out there!
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Old 04-14-2016, 04:41 AM
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Default Re: Best Dog Food for Sensitive Dogs!

Every dog owner loves to provide best food to his dog. If the quality of dog food is high then naturally it will have a good impact on the overall health of your little doggy. But the issue is that all the dog food products seem similar. From the range of thousands of different brands, how can we tell that which of the dog food products are good for our dog? Here you must also keep in mind that the selection of suitable dog food for your dog mainly depends on the dietary needs of your dog. Choosing the suitable dog food product for your dog is a very sensitive issue because if you feed unsuitable dog food to your dog then the chances are that your dog will fall ill or start losing weight.

Why do dogs eat dog food?
Naturally dogs are known as the meat eating animals. Due to their sharp and pointed teeth, they can easily bite into meat and digest it. But this doesn’t mean the dogs don’t like to eat other type of food items. Due to their close association with men, dogs over the years have also developed the taste for non-meat food items. They also love to get a taste of the cuisine left by their human masters. The dog food is mainly distributed into three different forms:

1.Wet food
2.Raw food
3.Dry food

Although most of the people prefer to make their own dog food at home but the marketed or commercial dog food also holds great importance for majority of the dog owners. After all the world is a busy place and nobody has enough time to make dog food on a daily basis.

What are different types of commercial or marketed dog food?
As we are discussing about best dog food products so naturally we must first keep track of different types of dog food products available in the market.

Dry dog food

Also known as dry kibble, dry food is the most easy-to-feed form of food. The plus point about dry dog food is that dogs love to eat it. Owners also love to serve dry food to their dogs because its mess free and the leftovers can easily be saved without the fear of expiry. But the issue is that dry food contains only 6 to 10% of moisture which is not suitable for your dog if it’s suffering from sickness or living in dry areas.

Wet dog food

Wet dog food is very healthy for your dog due to the fact that it contains high ratio of moisture. If your dog lives in a dry environment, is sick or does not like to drink water then wet food is a great food item for it. If you want to provide wet food to your dog then its best to go for the canned or marketed wet food because it is more hygienic than the one that is prepared at home. Plus all the contents included in the marketed wet food are added according to the standardized demand of your dog. Wet food products contain high level of fats and proteins.

Other types of marketed dog food products

There are also many other different types of marketed dog food products available in the market including:

1.Dehydrated food products also known as freeze dried food products- these types of food products contain the raw food items also available in cooked form.

2.Frozen food products- these food products are mainly homemade items that are packaged and available for sale. These items are not processed.

3.Fresh food products

4.Homemade food products- although these products are homemade but they are available in commercial packaging.

5.Vegetarian food products-although these food items are not very famous among dogs but they are available in the market.

Which types of food products are dangerous for dogs?

Before going for any certain food product, you must read the ingredients mentioned on the packet in order to protect your dog from food allergies. Most of the dogs show allergies towards specific food elements. Vets are of the opinion that dogs are usually allergic to the presence of soybean and wheat in the dog food. There are also some dogs that show allergy to meat, chicken or protein containing food items. So while purchasing a food product, do study its elements and if your dog is highly sensitive towards most of the food ingredients then its best to go for hypoallergenic food products.

How can I select the correct dog food product for my dog?

Selecting the correct dog food product seems a very difficult task but in fact you just need to observe a few things clearly before purchasing any food product so your dog can benefit from it.

1.Selecting the food according to your dog’s age, weight, reproductive conditions and activity level are the most important points for selection.
2.Select the dog food that fulfils your dog’s nutritional requirements in a balanced way. If your pet is smart and active then go for the dog food that is calorie rich, but if your dog is extremely over-weight then it’s time to cut back some of his calories. Do go for too many fats because excessive fats can cause issues with pancreas of your dog.
3.It’s best to seek the advice of your dog’s vet before purchasing any specific dog food product. Remember, your dog’s vet is the only person who knows the complete medical condition of your dog. If your dog is suffering from any type of disease then the vet is going to suggest a suitable diet plan for your dog and will also help you make the selection of correct food products.
4.Don’t fall for food product advertisements shown on TV or floating around internet. You will see many attractive food products on TV and other modes of advertising. Don’t go for the color or pretty packaging of these food products instead read the nutritional table printed on the packaging of these food items. If the names of food products include the words “natural”, “gourmet” or “organic” then do check for their FDA registration.

5.Do check for the type of dog food that is beneficial for the health of your dog such as dry food or wet food.

6.Before going for the dog food, you must make sure that the dog food label contains the nutritional statement of AAFCO.

7.Study the nutritional chart in detail. You must keep in mind that dogs love to eat meat so the primary ingredient of every dog food product must be meat or chicken.

8.Do make a detailed comparison of the ingredients listed by the food products of different brands. You must also seek the title of “proximate analysis” on the package.

9.Also check for the expiry date of the food product and get the freshest piece of the food product packet you are picking.
Here are the top five recommended dog food products for your dog:

1. Taste Of The Wild Dry Dog Food
Loaded with the mouth-watering taste of roasted meat, Taste of the wild dog food is totally the most amazing piece in the market. This dog food will not only provide your dog with a mouth-full of roasted meat but the addition of various vegetables and fruits is going to make your doggy go “YUM!” Not only is this dog food yummy but it also contains all the healthy food elements for your dog. If your dog has been suffering from food allergies then this dog food is the most suitable dog food for him due to its “grain-free” features. Not only can you satisfy your dog’s taste buds through Venison and lean bison flavor of this dog food but it also improves your doggy’s health by providing it with anti-oxidants. Available in the colorful packaging of 5, 15 and 30 pounds, this dog food will provide your doggy with the real taste of the wild.

2. Purina Pro Plan Savor Dry Dog Food
Never compromise on the health of your dog. Feed your dog with the magical taste of Purina Pro Plan Savor dry dog food and he will go mad for it. Make your dog stand out with the help of exceptionally powerful nutrients in this dog food. Not only the nutrients are powerful, but the taste and texture of this dog food is going to make your dog crave for Purina Pro Plan. The mouth-watering aroma of this chicken kibble will enforce your dog towards this food like a magnet. Due to the presence of high-quality protein, pre-biotic fiber and fats; Purina Pro Plan contains all what makes your dog a super-dog. Available in the blended flavor of chicken and rice, this dry food is available in the packaging of 6, 18 and 35 pounds.

3. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food
Is your doggy suffering from food allergies? Then you just need to send him on the hypoallergenic journey of Wellness Core Natural Grain Free dry dog food. This dog food is just out-of-this-world due to its exclusive protein focused nutritional formula. Everything included in this dog food is balanced and according to the nutritional requirements of your dog. Wellness Core is 100% free from every type of grain foods. The spellbinding blend of chicken and turkey with fresh vegetables is going to make your doggy fall in love with this dog food. Wellness Core holds the proud recognition from the Wellness guarantee, that’s why you can confidently serve your dog with this yummy dog food. Its healthy, it’s yummy and it’s free from wheat, soy, corn, other additives and preservatives.

4. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food
Is your dog bored of all regular dry dog food products? Feed him with Blue Buffalo and you will instantly feel the difference. This dog food is created to make difference in the dog world. With the unique combination of brown rice and lamb, this dog food fulfills the entire nutritional requirements of any dog. Creative texture and appealing aroma makes this dog food brand one of the most desirable dog food brands in the entire U.S. Health is wealth that’s why Blue Buffalo vows to keep your dogs healthy, wealthy and wise. The healthy blend of garden veggies, whole grains, vitamins and minerals will provide the body of your doggy with unlimited supply of antioxidants.

5. Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Dog Food
Belonging to the family of Purina, Purina Pro Plan Focus is the most amazing and health-building formula for all those doggies who suffer from the sensitivity of this skins or stomachs. Based on the nutritional ingredient of Salmon, this dog food is truly a blessing for every dog with sensitive health issues. Even though Salmon has been used as the primary nutrient in order to fulfill the protein requirements of dogs with sensitivity issues; the nutritional requirements and quality standards have not been compromised. Along with the healthy presentation of Salmon, this dog food is loaded with the easy-to-digest carbohydrates, Omega-6 Fatty acids, and Zinc. Purina Pro Plan Focus also provides a rich supply of anti-oxidants.

Don’t forget that before going for any specific dog food product, you must keep in mind the physical and medical conditions of your dog. Any famous dog food product is not suitable for every dog. Remember that dog food plays a pivotal role in the healthy life and well-being of your dog so the choice should always be made with care. If you are in doubt then its best to consult your dog’s vet.

Source: smartfamilypets.com/5-best-dog-food-products-for-your-pet-dog/
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