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Old 07-14-2012, 03:37 AM
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Default Curious about Jawhari Cat Centre, Kuantan


I'm new here & stumbled upon this forum when I was searching for reviews on Jawhari Cat Centre. I'm also new to vet clinics. Usually my sister is the one who always brings her cats to the vet. I used to avoid cats before because I'm actually allergic to cats. But since we have 3 families of cats now, we had to split up some of them. One family is with my sister in KL, & 2 more is with me & my parents in Kuantan. Usually on weekends, we will bring some of them back to KL & my sister would sometimes bring them to her favorite vet. I went to that vet once together with my sister when our 3 months old kittens had their vaccinations & their mother spayed. We also told the doctor that we think that the mother is too thin even though she ate a lot. But the doctor said she is just lean & her weight is actually quite normal. The doctor was funny & very nice & he even ask us whether we would like to see the spaying procedure. So all & all it was a good experience.

Then suddenly a few days ago, one of the kittens has an infection on the base of one of his hind legs that prevented him from walking properly. It looks pretty serious so we can't wait until the weekend to bring him to the vet in KL. So we just decide to bring him to a vet clinic in Kuantan. Since we were not really familiar with the vet clinics in Kuantan, we just went to the most well-known, Jawhari Cat Centre. This was my second time to a vet clinic, but my first time on my own. When I registered, I told the receptionist that my cat has some kind of infection on the base of one of his hind legs. When it was time to see the doctor, the first thing he said was my cat is undernourished. I was a bit dumbfounded because actually this kitten was the heaviest among his other siblings & also fatter than his mother. He then ask me what brand of food I'm using. My sister was the one who bought their food that was recommended by her vet but I didn't pay attention to the brand. So I just described the packaging & the looks of the food hoping that he might know the brand. I've seen this brand in other pet shops before but not in his shop. But it seems like he doesn't really pay attention to what I'm saying & he promoted the best brand that he sells in his shop. I'm the type of person that will keep quite when somebody won't listen to my explanations because I think there's no point in talking if somebody's not listening. Then he ask whether my kitten have been vaccinated or not. I told him that he was vaccinated about a week ago. He ask for the card but at that time I forgot to take the card from my sister when we came back to Kuantan. People do forget things. & it seemed like he started to scold me for not bringing the card. After a few lectures, then he made my kitten walk on the floor to see what was wrong with him. When he saw my kitten was limping, the first thing he did was check the thigh. I have told his assistant that the problem is on the BASE of his feet. I just watched as he started pressing my kitten's leg from top to bottom until he found the problem at the BASE of his leg. He said that it was just a superficial wound. Then he shows me the fleas on my kitten's body. I know they are fleas because I have tried to kill most of them with my own hands. They were not as many like it used to be after I took him for baths, kill them whenever I see them & use the fleas powder (that I bought from his shop). He said my methods of preventing fleas are outdated & he suggest me to use spot-on (I guess). He even admit that the fleas shampoos & powders that he sells in his shop were actually to attract customers. The thing is, I don't really have money to buy fancy fancy cat stuffs since I don't really have a job at the moment. And I think I ever saw some of it laying around the house (maybe my sister ever bought some for her other cats before) & I will try to look for them when I get home. When I just kept quiet & maybe didn't look that interested with that thing, he moved on. Again he said my kitten's wound is superficial but then he said the real problem is he looks anemic. He shows how pale my kitten looks & even ask his 2 assistants to agree with him. I myself thinks my kitten is not pale because he's anemic, but because he was scared from being too long in the car (the place was quite far from my house & we were stuck in a traffic jam). The doctor then said that there must be something wrong with his blood & wants me to do a blood test. He kept going on & on about how fast it is, they have the equipment for it, how it can give preventive measures for dangerous diseases. Again, the thing is, I don't have money. When I ask about the cost of the blood test, he was stuttering & blinking nervously. Since I'm the listening type, not the talking type, I pay more attention on people's facial expressions & body gestures. I just kept quiet & there was a moment of silent awkwardness. After he seemed like he can't convince me to take a blood test, then he check my kitten's leg again. Finally, he put some cream on my kitten's wound & my kitten shouted in agony. Then I heard him whispering to himself "what is wrong with your leg". It was over in just minutes while the lecturing parts took about half an hour. I was unsatisfied that I had to listen to the long lecture for half an hour but it just takes a few minutes to treat my kitten. So, I ask him about what was causing the wound. Is it because he step on something sharp? He said no because it doesn't seem like it's from an open wound. Is it fungal infection? Bacteria infection? He said bacteria. Since I was a microbiology major, I asked more on the origin of the bacteria. Did it comes from food? Water? Other animal? The environment? He was mumbling & did not give me a straight answer. In the end, he just gave me a cream & antibiotic. A few hours after I get home, my kitten wasn't pale anymore & he was actually quite active wrestling with his siblings & trashing up our living room. That then & there made me sure that he's not anemic. Who wouldn't become pale when scared? I became pale if I think I saw a ghost.

I'm just curious whether other people in this forum have ever get any treatment for their cats at Jawhari. So far, I haven't found any reviews about this centre in here. If there is a review, could somebody give me the links please.

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Old 10-14-2013, 11:49 AM
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Default Re: Curious about Jawhari Cat Centre, Kuantan

I used to send my cats for treatment and boarding at the centre before. but I stopped since its too costly.

I would like to share about what happened to my friends cat. The cat got somekind of infection in the ear. so she went to Jawhari and after somekind of a treatment was advised to left the cat at centre for monitoring. At that time, apart from the infections, the cat was very active and seems healthy. Few days later, the centre called and told her that the cat might have infections that was common for cats (dont remember the name of the disease) and they needed to draw some blood from the cat because the vet also suspected that the cat might have leukemia because the condition worsened. They gave him iv drip and maybe somekind of drugs also.

My friend went to the Jawhari and was really shock to see her cat's condition, barely alive with severe dehydration. One of the staff said that he might not live. She brought the cat home.

Almost similar stories was told to me by another person.

Please beware with Jawhari cat centre.
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Old 11-22-2013, 03:55 AM
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Default Re: Curious about Jawhari Cat Centre, Kuantan

"curiosity killed the cat"
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