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Old 06-09-2009, 11:16 AM
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Default A prayer for Worley - JOIN ME

Because the husband and I work for long hours a day, I have mentioned that we should get another cat to keep Puddie company while we’re away. The husband had mixed feelings about this but he has seen a sick kitten at the mamak near his office three days in a row. So he brought the kitten back.

We juggled with a few names and I wanted to name him Rompastomp but the husband didn’t like it. He suggested the name Worley and I agreed.

Worley is a thin little creature, with ALL of his bones visible through the thin layer of skin on the kitten. He had an eye infection dur to fights with other cats (scratch marks on his eye) and had fleas. We kept him away from Puddie for a while, and the next day I took him to the vet to get him checked out.

I went to the vet in Kota Damansara (Malay doctor with a fake English accent and flamboyant personality, but really nice guy) and the doctor told me that the eye infection was a minor issue and could be solved with just eyedrops. He’s really thin and did not shit so the doctor prescribed a multi nutrient liquid to be injested once or twice daily for him to get his nutrients properly and to allow for proper bowel movements.

Then the doctor felt Worley’s chest and shook his head. He told me that he suspected Worley has a Diaphragmatic Rupture (Basically means tear in the diaphragm). This is resulting in the pushing of his gut to his lungs creating a difficulty in breathing by preventing the luns from fully inflating. He told me that it requires surgery to cure it. Due to stress caused by the constant movements of the lung and the diaphragm, healing on its own will not be an option. In severe cases, Diaphragmatic Rupture will become Diaphragmatic Hernia, due to the gut bypassing the diaphragm and liquid exchange will start filling up the lungs.

I did some research and came up with:
- Diaphramatic Rupture is caused by blunt force trauma to the chest or by defective developement in the fetal stage.
- In most common cases, it is caused by the pet falling from high places, being hit by a car, kicked in the abdomen etc.
- You cannot tell by looking at the pet on the level of severity of the D.Rupture. Difficulty in breathing is the most common clinical sign. There is sometimes an abnormal breathing pattern when stressed and a muffled sound of the heart and lungs.
- It MUST be healed surgically as soon as possible to avoid scarring of the chest cavity and the intestines.

In my suspicion, since the husband found him at the mamak, that Worley was KICKED in the chest by fucktards who didnt want the kitten to disturb them during meal times. And to whoever it was I wish you die the same way that the kitten would. I wish you would die…and go to hell…and people in hell would kick you until you feel what the kitten is feeling over and over and over again…

If we could perform the surgery on Worley without costing us a fortune, we would have done it immediately. Unfortunately, the doctor also said that he could not perform the surgery due to Worley’s current condition (being stick thin and less than 2 months old). He said, even if we waited until he grows fatter and a little older, he might not live that long either.

I was literally heart broken…that this sweet little kitten endured such hardship in its life.

I was torn between getting attached to this kitten and leaving it at a nearby mamak to fend for itself. I called the husband who was at work but all he said was, “Lets talk when I get back”. I was driving to place him at the mamak, crying like crazy, then I told myself, “I can’t do this. I should be giving Worley the best time of his life before he goes and not the worst…” So I drove home, looked at him and grabbed him for a thorough shower.

He didn’t like the water much and bit me. I took three pairs of socks and wore it while I showered him and combed off ALL the fleas from his body and washed him with Dettol…when he was almost dry, I combed every part of him once more until I am sure I have gotten rid of all the fleas. In total I only found 3, thankfully. Then I left him in the sun to dry and went over to do the same with Puddie just in case. Puddie however, had none.

Poor Worley. He walks a few steps then he sits down exhausted. He tries to walk a few more then he has to sit again…I am sure if he was a little bit more comfortable, he would love to follow us around for love.

I hope everyone reading this will pray (if you pray) for Worley’s well being and hope a miracle happens and he is safe and healing. Thank you for reading
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