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Hall of Shame There are lots of cruel and inconsiderate people out there. Expose their cruel deeds to the world and let them be shamed!

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Old 11-07-2009, 03:23 AM
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Unhappy Cruel Neighbor!

On 6th Nov 2009, I arrived home around 5pm and I noticed my kitten poo on my parking area, as I were about to clean the poo.. I went inside my outside house toilet and I saw A BLACK KITTTEN around 7 months DIED inside the toilet. When I found him he was terbaring and already keras with his mouth and eyes terbuka (ada air liur kuar sket) and yellow liquid came out, like he was peeing… and the liquid tuh mengalir lg.. I think if a cat wanna die he would find a hidden place to die not in an open area…

I would like to ask those who are experienced..
How long could a dead cat got keras? 1 -2 hours?
I was just away from my house around 2hours when I found the kitten.. and before I got out I checked the toilet and mmg the toilet xde pape pun… when I arrive home 2 hours after that, I saw the kitten already dead… the kitten is not a small kitten but an adult kitten… and there were not injures or cuts or anything that could lead to the cat death.. and I surely know this kitten is a healthy kitten coz I usually saw him play together with his brother (orange color) lari2 n panjat2 pokok…

This black kitten always sleeps at my neighbor house and sometimes came to my house for food and he will always come with his brother.. today n yesterday I did not see the black n orange cat come to my house… usually he will always come at night when I bawa food.. but yesterday he and his brother did not came.. and I usually in the morning I always see them play together…
My mom suspect my neighbor killed the cat (pukul or tending or racun) and place the cat inside of our outside toilet… and tonight I did not see the cat brother came.. i think she is mad at me coz feeding the cat... and decided to killed the cat...

My neighbor nie GILA, mmg ada mental problem… so we don’t talk to her… coz my dad pernah talk with her husband and the husband marah2 without no reason…
And she ada bela or I like to say “kurung” cats..I think dalam 5 or more… in her wet kitchen.. and her wet kitchen nie x lah besar mana… n the cats are only allowed in the wet kitchen and sometimes I would see the cat mcm nak kuar… find a way to kuar but couldn’t coz she already pasang “dawai mata punai” all over her wet kitchen.. at night something the cats would fight.. maybe for food…
If the cat tumpahkan barang or pecahkan brg2 at the dapur… she will marah2 gila2 the cat.. =.=’’
And there is one time one of the dawai mcm terputus.. and I could see the cat trying to get out… and couldn’t ..only their head je boleh keluar..

This neighbor of mine is CRAZY.. sometimes she ok (or pura2 ok… I don’t know) and sometimes the weng~ org mcm nie baik duk kat tanjung rambutan jer…

I wanted to report to SPCA but I don’t have any proof and she is ill… and another reason when I wanted to investigate more my mom would not let me.. cause karang mau dia masuk my house simbah racun ke or feed my cats dgn racun.. coz long2 ago she pernah tuang racun at my mom punya garden and mau gaduh besar nanti if I report this case to spca….
so I only could leave my worries and dissatisfaction here because I dunno where to do my complain…

i never saw a cat died in front of me wo any injures... only see those yg mati because bergadoh je yg mati.. due to infections... as i see the cat he was very fine... sedihnnyee!!!!!!!!!!!! **cries**

p/s; i already buried the cat inside my house land area... and put a flower for his grave..
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Old 11-07-2009, 12:19 PM
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Default Re: Cruel Neighbor!

sdey yer.... i think u should report to spca and they will investigate more... This should help out the cat....
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Old 11-07-2009, 11:42 PM
naj1812 naj1812 is offline
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Default Re: Cruel Neighbor!

Originally Posted by nani View Post
sdey yer.... i think u should report to spca and they will investigate more... This should help out the cat....
i wanted to but my mom wont let me to..
takot karang dia masuk our house and racun all my cats..
sbb my jiran tuh mcm nyanuk sket... mmg gila.. bukan i ckp dia gila.. tp dia mmg ada masalah di dalam kepala sket.. all the neighbor ckp dia gila..

sbb dia pernah buang sisa makan2an dia depan umah my other neighbor (after dia buat jamuan)... n byk lagi kerja2 gila dia buat... org mcm ni baik mati cepat lagi baik.. menyusahkan org ramai... huh~!
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Old 11-09-2009, 03:48 PM
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Default Re: Cruel Neighbor!

Aiyoo Naj punya dasyat ur jirannn!!

Memang mental kot jiran u nih... siannye those kitten...& their cats...

itulah, naj when i read ur story, it's not that easy to handle this kind of situation. Lagi2 la JIRAN!

Betol kata mak naj. Kalau report, lagi teruk ur cats or THEIR cats kan? And ur family LIVES could be in danger too...undang2 kat sini tak mcam kat US, kalau mistreat binatang, the owner boleh kena jail.

U halau je lah kucing2 or any strays yang duduk dekat dengan rumah dia...lure food kat rumah u je so that cats lebih nak kat rumah u...(kalau u & ur mom don't mind la. sebab kalau dah kat kawasan u, u kena rajin buang poo diorang..)
“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” – Charles Dickens
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Old 12-05-2009, 11:54 AM
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Default Re: Cruel Neighbor!

buang2 n kemas2 nie x kisah sgt..
mmg i selalu bg makan pun kat kucing2 strays around my house.. hehe..
tp my jiran nie mmg agak nyayuk sikit.. kesian tul.
nak report kang kita pulak yg dalam bahaya..
buat bodo jer la.. n just prays for the cats n kittens! >_<
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