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Old 02-08-2011, 05:56 PM
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Default 5 attack by wild dogs frightened of Japaese old woman left the shadow

Penang 7 News) After two months before the occurrence of an Irish tourist killed after vicious dog, vicious dog Cry recurrence of the incident in Penang.

This return is to be a group of five dogs attempted to attack a Japanese old woman, but fortunately the other umbrella asylum. This is because the Japanese old woman accidentally falls spine needs surgical operation; this incident also made the old woman cast a shadow may Penang "deterred."

Occurred in the early morning 7 am on the weekend, the old woman were Ishikawa Japan Tianhe Zi (Ishikawa Tazuko), 75 years old, from Fukuoka City, Japan. Every year he would come to Penang to avoid the winter, stay for 80 days each time, this was intended to stay in Penang for 3 months of the incident, he was a person staying in a beach of Tanjung Wu Ya Hotel, one person out for a walk early in the morning, only to in the hotel on the beach 800 meters away, suddenly take is five suspected wild dogs had been barking for her.

Difficult to avoid the dog umbrella

She was very scared of these dogs in barking the same time, she intends to send attack suddenly approached the old woman scared back, a mistake that fell to the ground, got up when we got to be intense pain in the spinal cord, while the dog continued to to its close, her desperate hands of an umbrella to open and avoid attack dogs, wild dogs can not succeed in reaching only after "retreat," leaving one old woman on the beach.

As the early morning incident, no deserted beach, the old woman to fight back pain, return to the hotel on foot. In Penang, the old woman originally contemplated under the advice of some friends, seek medical attention, but the Chinese Lunar New Year hospitals run into the "vacuum", so on Sunday night before entering the Penang Hospital for treatment. She was admitted to hospital after the X-ray scan, the suspected spine fracture cases, surgical treatment to be tomorrow.

Of fear or not come back Penang

Ishikawa Tianhe Zi reporter at the hospital ward visits Shihai lingering fear, she said, her husband, ill health, it is not Bin together with her, she was one person every year to Penang to avoid winter. She said that every year when season began to turn their location into the cold, and its constitution can not stand the cold, Penang five years in a row.

She said that each time to stay on Penang have 80 days, this special extended to 3 months, scheduled for January 12 to April 10 to stay, but in the event of the matter, to make her feel so sad and sorrowful heart a shadow of fear was inexplicable. Penang asked if she would come back, she said, may not dare to return to Penang.

Ishikawa Tianhe Zi said Tanjung Wu Ya a lot of dogs come and go with that she was afraid. She said that before, but also suspected that dogs bark at her, making her fear might be subject to attack. She said that in addition to the beach there dogs in Tanjung brake force Yaba have dogs come and go.

Zheng Yu Zhou: Anti-2 against the tourism industry should cooperate to solve problems created

Tanjung District state legislator Wu Zheng Ya Zhou Yu, Wu Ya-recognized area of Tanjung, including wild dogs and others have infested the sea, it is time City Council and the Association for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to face and solve this problem, so as to avoid any untoward incident against the Penang Tourism industry.

He said that Wu Ya Tanjung Batu Ferringhi and the sea will have dogs come and go, Mount Pearl has a number of lots, most of these dogs have good people will choose to place or dump feeding some stray dogs in the suspected site being invaded, and launched an attack, and he had the experience who have been chasing the dog.

He said Wu Ya and Tanjung Batu Ferringhi is an international tourist attractions, local or familiar with these wild dogs haunt points and dodge, but foreign tourists are likely to be aware of and are not familiar with, the site inadvertently close to these wild dogs may face the attack.

"In the event of tourists being attacked, it will adversely affect the tourism industry in Penang, so the City Council and the Association for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is the time to work together to solve the problem."
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Old 02-13-2011, 08:46 PM
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Default Re: 5 attack by wild dogs frightened of Japaese old woman left the shadow

Sorry to hear that this unfortunate accident happened not for the first time involving our furry best friends.
In this case, i think those wild dogs are dump by their adopted families and left there with the group of other dogs. Dogs are territorial mammals, they would attack if they are under 'threat'. They can be ferocious mostly if it is hungry all the time. Now, the authority would act or what? if these dogs are wild no family is going to rehome them. Euthenize them?
IMHO, locals are resposible to tackle this problem. If action taken earlier it may help to prevent the attack.
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