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Old 09-22-2012, 11:15 PM
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Default Cat Allergies: The Solution

Have you always been a cat-lover but never been able to own a cat due to cat-allergies or friends/family members with allergies? Did you own a cat before having to send it away due to cat allergies?

If you're familiar with any one of the above situations, then I think I have a possible solution to your problem.

See, I've wanted a cat ever since I was little but because most of my family is allergic to cats, I've not been able to own one.

This being said, I hope this thread will be informative to anyone else suffering my dilemma. I, today, own a long-haired Persian cat and have been able to not only significantly reduce my mother's allergic reaction to her, but to other guests sharing the same problem as my mother.

Here's how I did it:

1) I did a lot of research. Like, everyday. Although the research wasn't exactly as rewarding as I hoped it would be, it gave me a start, anyway.

2) Brushing. Not enough emphasis is put into this process, I mean it. Regardless of whether your cat is long or short-haired, all cats shed, so I suggest -- if you want a cat that badly -- you stick to this step religiously because it helps a ton.

3) Vacuuming your house. As I've mentioned in step 2 earlier, all cats shed. So make it a priority to save your friends/family members from the pain of allergies and thoroughly vacuum your floors, carpets, furnishings, etc every once a week. Myself, because I have a long-haired Persian which sheds a lot more than your average short-hair, I make it my duty to vacuum every 3 to 4 days.

4) Baths. I know this step is a terrible hassle. My cat jumps and scratches and generally just freaks out everytime I turn on the faucet and get ready to lift her into the sink for wash time, so, as an alternative, here's a more cat-friendly way around this problem that will save both you AND your cat from trouble: Grooming wipes!

Mine is from EarthBath and it's very very good. I wipe her down every week (though the shop-keeper told me you can save wipes by "bathing" her once every 2 weeks to a month) and everyone around can really tell the difference.

She smells nicer, sheds less, and her coat is extra soft and has a special sheen to it. I bought my wipes at Paradigm Mall's Pet World for RM46. VERY VERY cost-effective for 100 sheets rather than taking her for grooming for RM50-RM80 every month.


5) Food. The right food can do wonders for your cat's health. I can't say for myself what food is recommended because I'm no expert, but from trial and error I've come to learn that some food has caused my cat to shed dramatically (i.e. BritCare), some has caused my cat's poop to stink less (i.e. IAMs), some has increased my cat's appetite (i.e. Fancy Feast), etc. Today, I am feeding my cat ProDiet and she's definitely more stable as compared to the times I've tried BritCare or Cat's Eye. She sheds less, I think, and it's more or less cost-effective. I've also heard Orijen is good so I might try that some day. :)

Before I go, as a word of parting, I must say that without a doubt, owning a cat is no easy business. My cat doesn't attack counter-tops or curtains or anything like that as much, but the time I spend grooming her each day can be quite draining.

As a college student, money doesn't come easy and time is often limited, but despite all this, I make the effort to groom her whenever I get back (sometimes even around 2am before I fall asleep) and vacuum like the house is infested with grime or something every couple of days.

Owning a cat also takes up a substantial amount of money. God knows how much I've spent on (1) medical fees, (2) cat combs/brushes, (3) grooming material, (4) grooming in general, (5) boarding, (6) litter, (7) food, etc.

This being said, a cat really does make a wonderful companion and I have no regrets. Coming home to a cat who licks my hands and cheek in greeting, nudges me for play time and comes to me when I'm sad -- it has all been worth while.

So, keep on believing folks. Anything is possible. :)

PS: My cat is long-haired, so I'm sure short-haired cats would be much easier to take care of in the grooming department. I've read somewhere that spayed/neutered cats with light-coloured fur produce less dander as compared to unneutered/unspayed dark-coloured cats.

PPS: My cat is also kept completely indoors, so you can imagine how much vacuuming helps.
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Old 09-24-2012, 08:45 AM
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Default Re: Cat Allergies: The Solution

This is very informative! The grooming wipes sound hassle free. Thanks for sharing.
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