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Old 12-21-2009, 01:41 PM
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Smile Forum Rules & Guidelines

PetFinder.my Forum Rules & Guidelines

This forum is intended to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere for the PetFinder.my community, people of all races and background who have come together to help raise awareness about our beloved animal kingdom and how best to create a better world for them.

Iin order to maintain stability and a sense of community, all users should read the following posting guidelines. By participating in this forum, users are affirming their willingness to comply with these terms. Thank you for your cooperation!

1) Language Use - Proper English & Bahasa Malaysia
In order to allow and encourage the participation of our multi-racial members, you should use proper English or Bahasa Malaysia in your discussions. Informal/colloquial language or dialects should be avoided whenever possible. Do not use abbreviations such as "ne1, gr8, wan2, ckp, tgk, troz, cmtu" and such - there are no character limitations at the forum, so please write in proper grammar and language.

Please write in English if possible. Although PetFinder.my focuses on Malaysian pets, there are many foreigners that frequent our forums, and English would be best for us to share the knowledge, and they can better contribute to it as well. Please try your best to help disseminate knowledge in the form of writing that the most number of people can benefit in.

Forum Moderators may edit or remove such posts to improve readability of the thread as necessary.

2) Knowledge Forums
We need to strike a balance between having a serious, no-nonsense forum and one that is friendly but chaotic. We want people to learn effectively from the forum, but at the same time, have some fun too. As such, we will be designating certain sub-forums as "Knowledge Forums".

Rules for Knowledge Forums:
  • All threads and posts must be relevant, and there should not be any idle chat or off-topic posts
  • Any member that desires to chat further on other topics should start a separate discussion at the relevant category (or at PetFinder Lounge for casual discussions)
  • Language use will be actively enforced
  • Irrelevant posts will be removed and violating members will be sent reminders
Designated Knowledge Forums
  • ALL of Latest News & Happenings, EXCEPT Member Introductions
  • ALL of The Animal Corner's main and sub-forums, EXCEPT Doggy/Cat TV & Photos.
  • ALL of Pet Welfare, Rescue & Adoption's main and sub-forums
  • ALL of Reviews, Notices & Stories, EXCEPT Success Stories and Pet Memorial

3) Chit Chat / Casual Discussion
You can freely chat at the PetFinder Lounge sub-forums (or Knowledge Forum exceptions above), but please list your discussions under the correct category. Note that you will still need to abide by the Language Use guidelines, and there should be no thread hijacking. Moderators still reserve the right to remove any such violating posts.

4) Search & Read Existing Posts First
It is possible that your questions or problems have already been raised in the past by other members with satisfactory answers in place. Please thoroughly search through our forum and read the prior threads first before posting up your question to prevent duplication of topics. Duplicate new topics may be deleted or merged with existing threads.

5) Post in the Appropriate Forum/Category
Please read each forum's description before making a post to ensure you are on-topic. Off-topic posts will be moved to the correct forum.

6) Quoting Posts in Replies
Please do not quote the entire previous/original post when making replies, especially for long posts. Only quote the relevant sections that you are referring to, so as not to clutter up the entire page with repeated content of the same original post.

7) Font Sizes & Colours
You are free to use different font sizes and colours to highlight portions of your text. However, please refrain from repeatedly using large font sizes and bright colours across your post as that would make the post difficult to read. Moderators may edit the post to improve readability.

8) Subject Must Contain Gist of Thread
Ensure your subject contains the gist of what you want to say when making a new topic. This makes browsing through thousands of threads easier and friendlier for everyone. Example of appropriate subjects: 'Favorite TV show' , 'The best dog breed is Rottweiller?'. Example of inappropriate subjects: 'What is your...' , 'A question' , 'Look at me'. Moderators have the right to modify inappropriate subjects without prior notice.

9) Signature Link & Image
If you decide to include an image in your signature, keep it below 400 pixels in width and 100 pixels in height. No exceptions! Links are permitted in signatures. However, links to offensive sites may be subject to removal. No affiliate links are allowed.

10) No Personal Insults, Attacks, Hostility, Sarcasm, Foul Language or Harassment
Please be polite and respectful towards other members of the community, and remember that others may not always share your point of view. Disruptive, offensive or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. You may not harass other members through public posts, private messages or any other means. This is a sensitive area and the Forum Moderators reserve the right to take action if requested by a community member. Any such posting may result in removal of post, banning from future participation or having their ISP informed.

11) Avoid Flammable Topics - Religion, Politics & Racial Issues
Please be aware that certain topics, such as religion, politics and racial issues, can excite members to ‘flame’ each other and with our experiences in the past, it has become a serious problem. Such topics are prohibited here. If you wish to discuss these topics, please do so on other relevant forums set up for those specific purposes.

12) No Defamatory or Slanderous Statements
You should only post what is true to your experience and observation, but not accuse another party of acts or crimes that you are unable to provide supporting evidence for. This is considered an act of defamation and PetFinder treats it seriously. If you have any disputes with the party in question, please contact them directly and try to resolve it in an amicable fashion instead of issuing slanderous statements.

13) No Solicitation Of Funds
You are not allowed to solicit funds or monetary contributions from other members of the community. This is to prevent people with malicious intent from taking advantage of our members and abusing the collected funds.

14) Classifieds / For Sale
All advertisements of products/services may ONLY be placed at the Pet Products & Services forum, within the appropriate sub-category. Only products & services may be advertised. Strictly NO listing of Pets for Sale - that should be listed at our main www.PetFinder.my website by creating a Pet Profile. Members with violations would receive infractions and may be suspended. Posts seeking or offering Stud Service are entirely prohibited at our website.

15) No Multiple Identities/Accounts
Each user can only maintain ONE (1) identity/account/username in the forum. If you need to create a new identity because of lost password, username or e-mail address, older identities cannot be used to post messages in the forum. Users can be tracked through their IP address so there is no escape! Users found violating this guideline will be warned and may be suspended.

16) No Duplicate or Repeat Posts
Do not post your questions or comments over and over again, or in other words, please do not spam. No one likes being spammed, it’s just downright annoying.

17) Reporting Abuses
If you have witnessed any problems or disputes that you wish for us to take action on, please PM one of the Administrators or Moderators for further action.

Please note that these rules are not enacted with the intention to restrict your fun and participation, but to provide a focused, effective environment for everybody to learn and share information.

Thank you, and we hope you have an enjoyable time at PetFinder.my's pet forum!


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